Five Elements That Your Small Business Website Need

Your small business web page only has about five seconds to impress someone who lands on it. You'll blow the opportunity if your site doesn't have these five conversion-making elements.

Five Elements That Your Small Business Website Need
Photo by Ben Kolde / Unsplash

1. An Engaging Design

Your web design is the first thing people see when they land on your site. They'll leave if it looks like chaos and go if it doesn't have a uniqueness that immediately pulls them in. To succeed, you must have a good mixture of visually stimulating colors and patterns and something that can get its hooks into their short attention span. Having a unique brand identifier, such as an eye-catching logo, is an excellent idea for grabbing their attention and branding your company's identity in their minds.

2. A Logical Navigation Bar

An easy-to-understand navigation bar is another crucial element that your business website needs. Your goal is to set it up so your visitors only have to click once or twice to get what they need. Anything more than that is hard work, which is what internet users don't want to do. Prospects will flock to your page and stay if you offer them easy navigation.

3. Compelling Information

The information that you have on your website has to be informative and exciting. It has to explain to prospective customers why they should buy from you and entice them immediately. It has to be compelling enough to make a difference whether you use a content marketing strategy or adorn your page with a punchy 60-second video. Anything that you put on your page has to be cutting-edge.

4. A Transparent Bio

Your prospective customers need to know who you are and why they should do business with you. An "about us" or "about you" section is mandatory so that you can give them the proper introduction that they deserve. The extent of the information you put in your bio depends on the company you run. Educational credentials may be relevant for one type of business, whereas a personalized and emotional introduction may be better for a different profession. You need to connect with the customer, so this part of your website is something that you can't skip. You'll find more business if you're upfront and honest about who you are and your company's mission statement.

5. A Safe Platform

Finally, you must provide a safe platform for your visitors to frequent. Using a shopping cart or e-commerce technology for your sales, you'll want to implement the most updated encryption technologies to protect your clients from hackers and other violators.

Your brand image is vital to us, and we want to help you to succeed in every way possible. One of our specialists can start working with you to create a five-star website and brand image today. Just ask for your help, and we'll assist you. It's what we do.